Right Lawyers for Drug Trafficking Crimes

One of the most common mistakes someone makes when they find themselves in trouble with the law is talking – talking about why they are innocent, talking about why the person has it wrong, and talking about anything else that comes to mind. This is a human instinct and has something to do with survival and our need for fight or flight, but if you are arrested for a drug trafficking crime, it is not in your best interests to talk at all.

Instead, you absolutely want to stay silent and contact a lawyer.

Your right to remain silent is a 5th Amendment right and by no means can anyone go against it, even if you are guilty. You can talk to your lawyer before you talk to anyone else. The right lawyers will tell you, from the moment you call, that you absolutely need to be silent and not answer any questions. They will give you tips on how to proceed and ignore all of the adrenaline that is coursing through your veins – at least until a lawyer is by your side.

Drug convictions are some of the harshest that you can face – you could be charged with many rougher penalties that you do not deserve. Drug trafficking is a serious enough crime alone – when you add some of the other common drug charges to it, which could be something that could do even more damage.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Drug Trafficking Crimes

Finding the right lawyers for drug trafficking crime isn’t always easy – you have to be willing to find the lawyers that are tough, experienced, and knowledgeable. Drugs are a rampant problem in the United States and abroad, and courts are doing what they can to stop the problem. Trafficking is seen as one of the major ways the drug epidemic is spreading, so those charge with trafficking seem to face the harshest punishments. Even if you aren’t selling drugs, you just have them on you, you might still face a conviction of drug trafficking.

You want to find a drug trafficking lawyer that has legitimate court experience, not someone that typically settles out of court. This is especially true if you were arrested for selling, delivering or buying drugs near public places like schools, parks, or daycares. These a can add a long period of time to your jail sentence and thousands of dollars to fines. Talk to potential lawyers about this risk and see how they can help you.

Even more importantly, if this is not your first time being convicted of a drug crime, even something as small as misdemeanor possession, you need to find someone tough. Contact a drug lawyer at the first moment that you can, no matter what, but it is especially important for people who have been convicted before. Hiring the right lawyer for drug trafficking crimes may not only protect your reputation and freedom, but it can help you to keep your belongings such as your vehicles, home and others things than can be taken away when someone is caught trafficking. Anything that the authorities suspect is part of a “business” can be taken and investigated.

The Drug Lawyer

Drug trafficking crimes have some of the highest prosecution rates in the United States. For this reason, along, hiring the right lawyer is imperative. Contact a lawyer that knows about, and has experience in, the techniques that law enforcement agencies use to apprehend, arrest, and charge someone with drug trafficking. At times, even the judicial system can make it worse for you – subjecting you to punishments that do not fit the crime at all. The right lawyer will look at your case from different angles and get to the bottom of how they found you, why they arrested you, and what you could face. By helping you avoid fines and/or jail time, the right lawyers are helping you to secure a future.

The most important thing to remember is that drug attorneys only have so much time to investigate and make a case – which is why contacting them as soon as you can will help you. There are many, many drug crimes occurring every day and the right lawyers are hard to find. Hire someone that you can trust, someone that knows his or her way around the courtroom.

If you have been charged with a drug trafficking crime in Oklahoma, it is absolutely imperative to contact an Dallas Interstate Drug Lawyer very quickly. Click here to be connected with a lawyer that has proven experience in handling drug trafficking cases.

Wolf’s New Port Plan Rejects Fossil Fuels

Reject SEPTA’s Nicetown Dirty Power Plant

Mayor Kenney should ask the SEPTA board to vote against the proposed Nicetown natural gas plant, and Philadelphians should call and ask him at 215-686-2181 to do so. Nearly 1/3 of children downwind from the proposed site already have asthma, and asking them to breathe even more pollution is injustice defined.CallKenneyPhilly and SEPTA doesn’t need a dirty energy power plant. If the suburbs wants it so bad, then put it in the suburbs. If Harrisburg wants customers for fracking gas so bad, then let them build this next to the state capitol. Mayor Kenney and city council should stand up for Philadelphians and reject this polluting power plant. In order to make SEPTA and Philly more resilient instead they look to buy and store truly clean solar energy from poor communities of color instead of making them breathe dirty energy. Philly deserves a #FossilFreeSepta

Thousands Tell Wolf, “Don’t Raid Alternative Energy Funds to Pay for Pipelines”

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking and thousands of Pennsylvanians want clean energy funds to be used for just that, not for dirty gas pipelines.  Today, we delivered a petition to Governor Wolf with nearly 5,000 signatures telling him not to budget grants for the gas industry’s pipelines and to instead fund clean sustainable renewable energy. We’re going to keep collecting signatures, so please add yours here. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/gov-wolf-dont-raid-alternati?source=c.em&r_by=160982

Governor Wolf announced in November 2016 that his Administration was making grants available to build natural gas pipelines by diverting $24 million dollars from Pennsylvania’s Alternate Clean Energy Program.

The fund being raided was formed under a clean energy statute to promote alternative energy sources but has languished under Wolf who has opted to develop dirty gas instead.

Why should public funds be showered on a dominant industrial sector?

Pennsylvania is already suffering the increasing damages caused by the build out of polluting natural gas from the point of extraction, across the pipeline and compressor delivery system, to the end use such as cracker plants and power stations that pollute communities’ air and water, cause irreversible environmental harm, and add to the unbearable load of greenhouse gases that exacerbate climate change.

Pennsylvania needs clean and renewable energy, the purpose the original fund was set up to deliver.  This is especially important to provide a secure energy future with the economic benefits of solar, wind and energy efficiency programs that will replace the downward spiral of an unsustainable and destructive fossil fuel.


Our Letter to the PRPA Board concerning Southport Proposals

Dear Chairman Sweeney and Members of the PRPA Board, Green Justice Philly (GJP) is a diverse and growing coalition of organizations committed to building a healthy, sustainable, and economically just …

For 3rd time in 5 months refinery bellows black smoke across Philly

Our least favorite local resident, the PES refinery in South Philly, was seen belching black smoke from a fire that broke out there on Saturday. PES spokesperson helpfully points out that …


Living Next Door to an Energy Hub

Great little video posted by Philly.com with West Passyunk Neighbors Association Jennifer Harrison discussing living next door to the PES oil refinery in South Philadelphia. She details how the monitoring station …


845 jobs vs all of our lungs and the future of our city, world

Philly.com posted an excellent article yesterday which highlights how no-brainer the real choice over the debate about having a refinery within the confines of our city.  Good paying union jobs always …

What is the energy hub and why do we oppose it?

Phil Rinaldi’s “Energy Hub” plan will introduce more pipelines, oil trains, and refineries to Philadelphia. In short, it will re-industrialize Philadelphia. Phil Rinaldi is the head of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, …

Unions from 12 Countries Call for a Global Moratorium on Fracking

Now, another friend, Liz Arnold, alerted me of an international group, Unions for Energy Democracy, whose recent news bulletin stated “Thirty trade union bodies representing tens of millions of workers have issued a statement calling for a global uafmoratorium on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for shale gas, coal seam gas, and shale oil.” It appears to be led by Unions Against Fracking, a sub-group.

Heartening that it isn’t just the near residents and environmentalists against fracking, that it’s also the tradespeople who will supposedly have jobs.

If you represent a union in the Philadelphia area, we’d love to have you as an ally as we build the momentum for a Philadelphia powered by clean energy. Please contact me.