Reject SEPTA’s Nicetown Dirty Power Plant

Mayor Kenney should ask the SEPTA board to vote against the proposed Nicetown natural gas plant, and Philadelphians should call and ask him at 215-686-2181 to do so. Nearly 1/3 of children downwind from the proposed site already have asthma, and asking them to breathe even more pollution is injustice defined.CallKenneyPhilly and SEPTA doesn’t need a dirty energy power plant. If the suburbs wants it so bad, then put it in the suburbs. If Harrisburg wants customers for fracking gas so bad, then let them build this next to the state capitol. Mayor Kenney and city council should stand up for Philadelphians and reject this polluting power plant. In order to make SEPTA and Philly more resilient instead they look to buy and store truly clean solar energy from poor communities of color instead of making them breathe dirty energy. Philly deserves a #FossilFreeSepta

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